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Scissor is a jQuery plugin that cuts a page in two parts, so that you can have double pages made entirely in HTML5 or images and split them into two pages.

Scissor takes a DOM element and replace it by two elements in which there are a copy of the initial element after being positioned according to what it initially looked like.



<div id="flipbook">
	<div class="p1">Page 1</div>
	<div class="double"> Page 2 and 3</div>
	<div class="double"> Page 3 and 4</div>
	<div class="double"> Page 5 and 6</div>
	<div class="p7">Page 7</div>

2. JavaScript

// Using scissor
$("#flipbook .double").scissor();
// Creating the flipbook
$("#flipbook").turn({width:800, height:400});